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🙋‍♀️Workout OF the WEEK!🙌

I hope you realize that your workouts do not have to be insane. Actually they should be enjoyable....as should life be.

I don't even like to call them "work" outs. Exercises for a healthy body is much better.

I have a new section to the blog called Workout Of the WEEK!

Since we are mostly safer at home (although we are still doing outdoor classes if you are up for it let me know and I can get you the schedule) I thought a weekly goal could be helpful to you.

Likely you are out of a "routine" right now. And, if I am going to be honest, that ain't good. You need SOME SORT of routine in your life to sort of stay on target with your health and wellness.

BUT! GREAT NEWS...it should be SIMPLE! Like in the book, Better Food, Better Mood, I make each week SIMPLY SIMPLE for you to follow. Only one goal per week. One health tip to follow. One menu (easy). One task to focus on. It does not need to be any more difficult than that you guys.

After all: LIFE SHOULD BE ENJOYABLE almost all of the time, remembering that EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR YOU!

The days we don't see each other live in classes, or via zoom, check out the workout of the week right here!

Get your copy of Better Food, Better Mood, right here!



(Zoom meditations for weight loss and wellness and beginner yoga starting this fall! Stay connected for updates)


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