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I will not ramble. Likely you are hearing and getting so much information every moment of the day that it is starting to become overwhelming. Although, I do believe in every sense, this is a sign from the universe to slow down and live life fuller. I also feel you are starting to feel anxious, unsure and not able to relax much at all.

Take heart in knowing you are not alone. WE are here to help you see the good in your days. We are in this together.

As our studio's have had to take a short break, we as a team have decided to still ensure your health..mind, body, and spirit .. to become our top priority. We are here to serve and to help you keep your light from dimming. Perhaps to even make it shine fuller and more abundantly than it ever has before.

Listen here....

Each week we will still continue on with our "word" or quote of the week. A yoga, pilates or other practice to do right at home. This way when we meet again, very soon, you will all be pro's and can teach me a thing or two!

Here are the poses for the week..

Hold each one for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Repeating for both sides as many times as desired.

or do it to some music..



Be Well,


THIS song HAS been HELPING ME AND THE KIDS come to a more calm and centered space.


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