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ZOOM classes: Get EXCITED about fitness!

Loving summer but ready for a routine? How can I help you get excited about fitness again??

I recently discovered my body was trying to tell me to slow the heck down and be a little nicer to myself.

I came back to my roots. My very first certification. What I love and what I am BEST AT!! What is that??

PILATES!! Everything Pilates...PIYO, POWER, Piloxing, Pilates 4 Weight Loss, Pilates for beginners, Pilates for Seniors!

What is it?

Need a stronger back and belly? Want to tone and tighten the muscles? Don't want to pound on your joints and dread exercise? Then I AM YOUR GAL! Pilates is all of this. Founded by Joseph Pilates as a way for soldiers from the war to find healing and recovery in a gentle way. He found that when you strengthen the CORE the CENTER the "POWERHOUSE" of your body your entire body benefits.

So, what do you say? Are you in? Zoom classes M-TH $5 over the lunch hour. (starts September) Or in person classes offered at 2 locations!

Sign up here!

In Spirit, Addie


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