My name is Addie. I am a stay at home mom of two sets of twins.....

and I 100% believe I was placed on this earth to lift other's. I share my truth to inspire. I am real about my struggles in hopes that you might feel a little less alone in yours. 

I will always be my authentic self even if that means I MAY NEVER BE YOUR CUP OF TEA."

Back in 2006 I hesitantly attended my very first group fitness class. Back row for me. I was uncomfortable, scared, insanely out of shape and really did not want to be there at all. A friend of mine persuaded me to go and little did I know that it was about to change my life. Before I knew it, this back row fraidy cat, was front and center leading classes.


I am a natural people person. I love to make people feel good about themselves. A hairdresser for many years. I knew how to make people look good on the outside, but never really thought I could change how they felt on the inside too. Why? Because, I did not feel good on the inside myself. I might have lost some pounds and was one of the best at leading a fitness class but I was not feeling it at all deep down.


Kind of feeling like a fraud I created this great look on the outside but that could not have been farther from the truth within. I struggled with my eating habits which created a lot of social anxiety. Which, in turn, lead to some bad choices.


It was not until I became a stay at home mom, basically overnight birthing 2 sets of twins in 2 years, that things started to change. I started to think about my health more. I started to think about my kid’s health. I started to become more present in the moment. I started to really lean into who I was. I started to become more authentic and real about myself. Stopped being so surfaced. I started to realize that working out and leading other’s in workouts has nothing to do with how I look or how they look. I started to see the real meaning behind it. HOW you are TRULY feeling INSIDE? What kind of space you are creating in your mind that is completely connected to your physical body?


So, there I was. Kind of stuck at home. Finally, feeling better than ever about myself. I wanted to spread the word! The problem was, I did not have a way to share it with anyone. I was growing and learning and was unable to spread my knowledge or help anyone because I had 4 little’s that needed to be taken care of at home.


I missed people. I missed teaching class. I missed conversations and live, in person connections with others who were on the same mission as me. Those who just wanted to FEEL GOOD INSIDE AND OUT.


I then discovered that I could do all of this right from home on my computer. I was not familiar with the “social media” world or blogging at all. As a stay at home mom I had not much interaction with people beyond my family. When I opened my first salon years ago there was no need for me to be online. I had my clients. Word of mouth created my business. I was happy and content with where I was. I never realized there was a whole other world out there on the World Wide Web.


I decided to get on the bandwagon of social media in 2014. I started my blog not long after. All from my laptop computer I was able to help others. I was a stay at home mom but I also was building a career again in a field I already had experience in. I could work during nap time’s or bedtime. That was all I needed. I was able to feel connected without leaving my home. I gained the confidence to write my books and to step out of my comfort zone on so many levels.  I was lonely. I was feeling like I would never have a real job again (which I loved). I was so thankful to be able to be home with my kids. Going back to work in the physical was never an option. This blog has completed me on so many levels.


I hope these recipes that I have spent years creating and the words that I share about my journey can help you on yours! 

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