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My name is Addie. I am a stay at home mom of two sets of twins.....

"HI! I am Addie and I 100% believe I was placed on this earth to help others live a more intentional, purposeful and full-filled life.”

An optimist and a natural people person as well as a stay at home mom for the majority of my time. Group fitness instructor, blogger, creator of healthy recipes and inspirational columnist for the rest of it.

I am here to help you see the  light within yourself, to slow down life and live in the only time that truly does exist....THE NOW - The Present Moment

In my classes and on my blog I will help you achieve the thing that everyone in this life seeks. FREEDOM. Freedom to be yourself and to feel complete love for it. To feel whole and connected with YOU.


I will help you find your inner PEACE. 

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In Spirit,


"God is within her, SHE WILL NOT FAIL." -PSALM 46:5

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