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🙏3 Minutes to Peace: Meditation for Worry, Anxious or Fearful thoughts.🧘‍♀️

Just Breath.

Of course you have heard me say it before....YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT.

Whether you BELIEVE yourself or not at this point is quite irrelevant.

If you are in a place of worry, fear or anxious thoughts, me telling you to say to yourself you are calm is not going to do a whole heck of a lot for you....


You see, I would be lying if I told you that I woke up one day and all was Peace and Bliss. You could call me on my bulls#it not so long ago.

I was a controlling, reactive, temperamental, B!

In fact, it was a great argument with a loved one that caused my Spiritual Awakening.

I was shaken to the core when I was told that "I am hard to be around".

My ego told me THEY WERE WRONG!

Deep down though, I guess it was me.

I would never take back that 2 year long journey of trying to figure out why " I was hard to be around."

After MUCH MUCH MUCH work...MUCH- I had an awakening. Only after being still, being QUIET and calming the F down did I realize that I, in fact, was quite hard to be around.

I reacted almost ALL of the time...I knew it all.. No one was going to tell me anything that I was not ready to hear without me exploding and leaving the room.

Fast forward, years of work; I honestly can say I do feel ALL OF THE STATEMENTS that I say in this short meditation I have created for you.

I am no longer afraid of the future which is why I was so reactive in the first place. I was afraid, insecure, scared, sad. All of the things that I pushed down and released with (eating) and reacting.

Meditations and Affirmations SAVED me and gave me the Peace inside that we ALL SEEK. I worked on me from the inside out . I became selfish, a.k.a., in alignment with self. Once the peace worked through me, all of me, I was then able to share it with everyone around me. Even the one who called me out all of those years ago.

See if these 3 minutes a day can take you to a space of that peace you are looking for.

If you say it enough YOU WILL START TO BELIEVE IT. And as I stated before, you are what you believe and what you say that you are!

In Spirit, Ad